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About the Boats

Due to high demand, Jackpot Fishing Charters now has two boats!

The Jackpot

The “Jackpot” charter fishing boat is a massive 33 foot, three-tiered charter fishing boat with a huge rear deck for salmon and trout fishing, a large fly bridge, and a fully enclosed cabin for your comfort in all weather conditions.

The Jackpot has been completely refurbished, from all new electronics, auto-pilot, down-riggers, rods, reels, and tackle to being completely re-painted and re-powered with 2 brand new high output 5.7 liter engines.

The Jackpot is actually in better condition, with superior equipment than the day she came from the factory. All the equipment aboard the Jackpot is the absolute best that the marine industry has to offer. Although the boat isn’t as important as the captain, it’s still an integral part of your total fishing experience.

The two most important aspects of a fishing boat are the size and the condition.

The size of the boat is relative to your comfort, it’s seaworthiness and space. Although boats under 32 feet can catch fish, and smaller groups of 4 or less may have enough room, they will generally bounce around a bit more and be less stable and comfortable.

The 33 to 35 foot class of fishing boats are considered the cream of the crop when it comes to comfort, stability, ride, and plenty of room to make your excursion the most enjoyable possible. The heavier the boat, called displacement in nautical terms, the better it will generally ride. Typical displacements for larger boats are 16,000 to 22,000 pounds.

Chris Craft boats like the Jackpot have been the benchmark for large sportfishing boats for over forty years – Unlike many charter boats which are pleasure boats modified for fishing.

The Jackpot was designed specifically for fishing, and to ride comfortably in all seas, at the speeds required for trolling.

The Jackpot II

Info coming soon

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