I JUST had my first trip with Jackpot and Scott was our captain. Al was at the helm. It was perfect. I can’t say enough good things about Scott and his knowledge of the lake. I’m an East Coast fisherman and know how to fish. Lake Michigan is a completely different experience though I know a lot about fishing. Honestly. I am a physician working in downtown Chicago and needed a break. Took two of my buddies out on the lake. Woke up at 3:15 to get up to Zion by 5am. 10 minutes after arrival, we were off. By 7:00am, we had 6 large Fish in the boat. Scott and Al continuously communicated about where the fish were, how they could find more and by 11am (6 hour charter), we had 13 fish in the boat. Let me just say that we got lucky. There are no guarantees (and all reviewers should keep that in mind) but Scott was honest, sincere and make a true effort to find the right spot. We were comfortable, felt that all of our questions were answered and felt in great hands. As someone who has been reviewed for my professional services on YELP, I think people can be mean and aggressive. If there were no fish today (which very well could have happened), I would have been bummed out but I felt 100% confident that Scott did all he could to catch fish. It was a beautiful day, sunrise was amazing. It’s about the day and the experience. Relax people! The day was an A+ and there was absolutely nothing I would have done to change it. I read the previous reviews and took a chance with these guys. Just be realistic with your expectations and you will have a great trip, that is a guarantee! ?Matt and Scott, we will see you again next year. You set the bar very high and I thank you. Anyone wanting more details (real, honest details, feel free to message me). ?I also suggest them without reservation, especially to those in Chicago looking to get out for a day of sunshine and fresh air!

Dr. Andrew
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