Recently went on an early morning charter with Captain Matt and First Mate Cody. On the trip was my father, brother, nephew (8yrs old) and myself who flew in from Omaha. The entire trip was made very fun and comfortable (despite the unseasonably chilly temperatures) by Matt and Cody. You could tell Matt has a lot of knowledge and experience. He answered all of our questions (especially the many ones from the 8-year-old) with patience and knowledge. He was great dealing with my nephew and making it especially fun for him. We ended up limiting out on the trip, catching mostly salmon and a few lake trout. On the way back Cody cleaned the fish for us and separated the fillets in bags for us to take home. Matt even suggested a local bar that we could take a few fillets to and would cook them up at no charge for us. We did that and it turned out great. It’s always a great experience when you can get three adults AND an eight-year-old to all have a fun and exciting time. The best part of the trip is it didn’t really end once I got off the boat, as I have many delicious salmon filets in my freezer to last me a while! Thanks to Matt and Cody for a wonderful trip, can’t wait to go back and do it again!

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